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Sighting and trips

Sighting and trips


Marine fauna sighting

The Ebro Delta is a privileged for marine wildlife sightings just a few miles from the coast. Shoals of bluefin tunas (Thunnus thynnus) and Atlantic bonitos (Sarda Sarda) often come close to the shore following the shoals of smaller fish to feed on. It is a great opportunity to watch in their natural environment spectacular animals up to 100 kg of weight jump out of the water in search of food. This gastronomic feast, which takes place on the surface of the sea, is joined by gulls and black terns, which in large and colourful flocks swooping down into the water competing with the tunas for their food. HOUSING & FISHING JB puts at your disposal skippered boats for your sighting trips. Call us and we will inform you of the current state of the ecosystem and the actual sighting possibilities with regard to the various species.

Boat trips

Seeing the Ebro Delta from the water lets you see things from a whole different dimension. Although seeing it from land is an in itself an unforgettable experience, exploring it from the river and the sea allows you, however, to fully appreciate the natural quality of the landscape at its best. HOUSING & FISHING JB puts at your disposal skippered boat to enjoy trips with your family or friends. We suggest you different navigation routes, either by river or sea, from which you can choose the one you prefer. Otherwise you can propose instead, and we prepare a tailored nautical excursion according to your requirements, so that you can see what you like most.