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This fishing technique consists in dragging artificial lures and/or natural fish from the fishing vessel on the sea surface or at a certain depth. If you wish to use more fishing rods, you can make use of outriggers to separate the lines and thereby to ensure that its baits do not get tangled during course changes. Although the practice of this technique may seem easy, to optimise its performance you need to master the knowledge of the suitable lures for each species depending on the season and the sea conditions, on the distance from the boat at which each lure must float, on the dragging speed, on the hottest spots where to shoals of fish intent on feeding, etc.
VAT, fuel, the fishing guide, fishing equipment, bait, lures and drinksare include in all prices.
In the case of fishing trips of 6 or 8 hours, a small lunch will be included.
Companions will pay 10 €. The first companion free.
Combination of different techniques and methods by fisherman and fishing guides.
For extreme fishing trips, an extra 50 € will be charged for fuel.
Big game fishing trips will be a minimum of 6 hours and the bait will be paid aside, depending on market.