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About the establishment of our Company

Around 1989, Julio Bellaubí purchased 3 recreational boats with the idea of renting them out on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. The boats are moored at a jetty located on the left bank of the Ebro River, very close to the river mouth and alongside the residential area of Riumar. His first customers had the opportunity to navigate along the river and out to sea to view the Ebro Delta from the water, which is without doubt very different from the view you can get from the dry land. Some of them used the boats to fish on board, taking advantage of the uniqueness of this environment, which is an absolute sport fishing paradise. Others used the boats to search for advantageous and privileged locations for bird watching, which are abundant in number and species due to this being one of the most important wetlands in Europe. Due to the increase in customers and rise in demand for holiday rentals of houses in rural environments, in 1994, Julio funded a company operating under the name of GARBÍ, with more recreational boats and also offering tourist accommodations in the residential area of Riumar, just close to the jetty and the virgin beaches. He also purchased a larger boat to cater for the fishermen who wanted to go on guided fishing trips. In 2010, the steady growth of the company meant that a corporate and organizational restructuring was required, with the aim of catering for the current customer needs, so that a new corporate image was presented including the change of company name to HOUSING & FISHING JB. At present, the company has 19 recreational and fishing boats and 18 houses located in a rural environment 3 minutes away from the jetty. With such a background, there can be no doubt about this company’s experience in organising holidays in the Ebro Delta.