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Spinning from the boat consists in casting a lure with the rod and draw it back, which requires a certain amount of skill and precision to be successful and succeeding in casting the lure at an acceptable distance. Depending on the lure, the speed of the pull back, the accelerations and decelerations should be adjusted accordingly. Normally, you seek out and follow the flocks of gulls and black terns in pursuit of small fish, because usually they are also preying larger fish, which are indeed the target of our capture. You are supposed to have some knowledge of which lures are the most appropriate to use, although quite often people try various types to check which ones the fish are biting at that particular time. It is a very exciting fishing technique, as you feel the bite while holding the rod in your hand, with the violent pull and subsequent races of the fish in a desperate attempt to get rid of the lure.
VAT, fuel, the fishing guide, fishing equipment, bait, lures and drinksare include in all prices.
In the case of fishing trips of 6 or 8 hours, a small lunch will be included.
Companions will pay 10 €. The first companion free.
Combination of different techniques and methods by fisherman and fishing guides.
For extreme fishing trips, an extra 50 € will be charged for fuel.
Big game fishing trips will be a minimum of 6 hours and the bait will be paid aside, depending on market.